representative Democracy – misgivings about

I loathe our current governments. There, I said it!

They seem slow, tepid even. Unable to act. Unable to cast vision or execute on their plans. Forever gridlocked in pointless debates that only seem to revolve around topics that Facebook just brought up.

And I feel: they’re antiquated.

chainbreakWe needed representatives when it took a four day journey with a very fast horse to travel between cities. We needed that because communication took so long, that decision-making was impossible otherwise.

That’s over now!

What we need now is a nimble, agile (ah.. buzzwords!) government. That allows Maximum participation by it’s subjects. That’s truly by the People, for the People and through the People. And it’s absolutely within reach.

Imagine: a reddit-like system of policy submission. Everybody can submit a proposal, promote it, and the proposals that get the most upvotes get voted on. Then the new government Software, let’s say iGovern(TM) publishes a tender for a policiy draft, and citizens select a law firm to generate the actual policy.

This can be done with scope relevance so that regional issues are handled only by people in the Region.

The main advantages here are: speed, direct citizen involvement and transparency.

No more fat cats that get elected for 5 years and then can do pretty much what they want with near impunity. Experts get employed by citizens for a single project, with permanent reporting and evaluation.

No more guessing about what your government does with your tax dollar, you voted on every major project.

We would save a ton of money, be directly involved in every aspect of steering the nation, and be pretty savvy about that quick.

Let’s start digging a grave for the old boys network that is todays ruling class. Let’s start demanding some real change. Let’s start demanding direct control. After all, who’s footing the bill?

Let’s start! Now!

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the devil, as we say in German, sticks in the details: eg refugee-crisis: the policydraft would have to include housing, food, education, integration etc and a cost- estimate. Probably you would need more than one company to handle the issues. Who controls the companies? Who pays? With which money? I’m afraid: the politics will have to return.

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