custom ROM for my HTC ChaCha

I really like my ChaCha, but one thing I got really fed up with is that it runs out of memory very often, so I can’t install some apps, like Instagramm or can’t update to the newest version of Google Maps. So after researching it a bit, I decided to install a custom ROM, SuperDroid, that would allow me to remove some of the built-in apps like Facebook and add a few others like Link2SD.

So I began, and altough my phone was S-ON, for whatever that means, which supposedly makes it more difficult to root it, I succeeded by doing this: (I exclude all the missteps and stepbacks, so it seems like one seamless, easy process, which, believe me, it was not)

  • Converted a microSD card to a gold card, so I can flash another version of the ROM, than the one, that I had.
  • Installed the newest HBoot from HTCs Dev site. (RUU_blabla.exe, before the actual unlocking begins)
  • Unlocked the Bootloader, as discribed in great detail on HTCs Dev site.
  • Installed CWM as described in this post, the XDA method failed me.
  • Installed my as described in same post.
  • Installed the SuperDroid ROM as described here.

So, I’ve been using it for a day now, and… IT COMPLETELY SUCKS!!! The phone is slow, drains battery, SMS take 2 minutes (yes that’s 120 seconds) to load, and contacts don’t display correctly!

Unfortunately it’s not easily possible to reinstall the stock ROM, since the HTC Rom Updater won’T flash, for security reasons. So, I’m currently searching for someone who was smart enough to backup their stock ROM before flashing.

Keeping you posted.

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Hi Gabriel. Thank you so much, I found these two sites that offer better custom ROMS and stock ROMs: for Alex C.s belgian stock ROM, and for slightly altered versions of custom ROMs, and especially a nice and easy to follow guide on how to get a2sd to work. a2sd needs a fast microSDHC card, for your phone to really perform well. Like this one: 20 MB/s read. Which ROM are you going to flash? Any idea where I could download a CM7? All the best, R.

molim vas…moj chacha je rootovan…kako da vratim stari original njegov rom..izbrisan mi je i ima neki 7 koji mi ne radi..kamera i ostalo…kako da se vratim na njegov fabricki…pomozite molim vas….how to back fabrick rom fon is crash..dont work..root is bag..7…

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