SEO optimization for Shopify stores [Beginners]

I’ve been busy building janori lately. A cool webshop where you can buy vegan chocolate, organic coffee, and delicious snacks produced by regional heroes. The shop is up and running since November 11th, and so far we’re doing fine. Just recently I noticed that we aren’t ranking on Google – at all!

Woe me! I thought, but then went of on an interwebz truffle hunt to find good info on how to optimize my Shopify store. I diligently watched Neil Patel’s course, and some of Brian Deans ouptut. Both are great, and explain the process of SEO well, and gave me a good fundament of what keyword research is, and how it’s done.

But how do I get my actual products, and my site to rank?

I found two videos, that really help: This is the best. Mr. Kanase really breaks it down into totally relatable and actionable steps, that made me feel I can start straight away.

Then I found another one, nearly identical in scope with some extra tips, that also made me see, that SEO wasn’t an exact science, and “every way leads to Rome”. Very good for beginners like me. This really helps not to get stuck in analysis-paralysis.

The basic methodology is to use the Keywords Everywhere plugin in Google Chrome and look up your products name. Then find some keywords that have relatively high search volume, with not soo high competition (search difficulty), and use those in the title, especially the Meta title, and in the description, as well as in the Alt Text of images.

At the same time it’s important to write actually useful, ideally long, product descriptions.That’s a fun writing exercise, if I ever saw one!

I’m just starting to implement the process, and will let you know the progress I made with janori.